Ryeonho Heo

Ryeonho Heo

I mainly use reactjs for frontend and nodejs and golang for backend API servers mainly but I have many years of experience of several frameworks in Java, Python, C, Perl, PHP and etc.

I have experience of managing millions or billiions of records with Python using concurrent processing.

I can manage AWS infras as well as build a cluster with bare bone Linux servers too.

I can write Dockerfile, docker-compose, K8S configs.
I can configure haproxy, nginx as a web application gateway or load balancer.

I'm running my home servers for running mail server, web, dev and other applicaions. I have only one external AWS instance acting as a gateway for all my services. All my servers are interconnected with VPN and VXLan

I was born in Pusan, Korea. I'm living in Tokyo Japan sinc Sep. 2002